Premium Vintages


We carry a selection of wines from over fifty of Italy’s outstanding estates.  Plus, we purchase directly from the producers with no middlemen or brokers involved, giving our valued clientele distinctive wines priced at the lowest possible markup.

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Vite en Vino


“Vite en Vino”, the life in the wine. Pinot Grigio,  Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino, Cabernet and others are the essence of wine as we know it. Learn about the different varietals and how they affect the flavor and body of your favorite wines.

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Wine Regions

wine-regionsEach region  of Italy breathes it’s own unique flavor into the grapes. Abruzzi is known for it’s full-bodied, robust red Montepulciano, and Tuscany’s wonderful climate produces outstanding Chianti. Learn more about the wine regions of Italy.

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